FRA – Basics


The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) is the oldest, (chartered in 1924) and one of the most prominent professional military associations exclusively serving and representing the enlisted men and women of the three Sea Services.  It continues  to seek protection and equity for those who serve in, or have retired from, or were honorably discharged from, the Navy, Marine Corpsor Coast Guard.  The association has demonstrated its tenacity in pursuing Congressional support for enlisted quality of life and veterans’ programs for more than 80 years.  FRA employs full-time, registered lobbyists; each understands the issues facing enlisted personnel.  This is very important because an increasing number of our elected officials have never experienced military service.

What’s In It For Me?


FRA has represented enlisted personnel before U.S. Congressional committees on every piece of major legislation affecting Sea Service military personnel since its inception in 1924.  On Capitol Hill, FRA recently helped rescindthe law that causes retirees to lose TRICARE eligibility when they became entitled to Medicare.  Due to FRA’s actions, we now haveTRICARE For Life (TFL). 

 If you are entitled to Veteran’s Administration (VA) disability compensation, you now know that many will receive not only their disability compensation, but their retired pay as well.  Many others will be eligible for concurrent receipt soon.  “Thank you FRA”,is the response of many.  FRA has fought for and won targeted pay raises for career enlisted. Ask any member of the FRA for a more comprehensive list of exactly how the FRA helps all of us. 

 How Can I Help?


Join the FRA!  Membership works best and is more thoroughly enjoyed when  you get involved.  Participation in meetings isn’t necessary, but you can more easily get items of interest on the floor for consideration if you’re there.  Local Branch 89 will assist you in paying the dues for two or more years. One popular plan is the five year membership where your annual cost is only $20 per year, and Life Membership is discounted 30%.   Branch 89 helps many causes, such as an annual gift to the Navy and Marine Corps ReliefSociety, youth programs, and the annual Essay Contest.  Branch 89 recently had national winners.  You can help further by joining one of the committees where you would enjoy participating. 

Call Wayne at 678-689-7921, or Ernie at 770 993.6680.   

Supports Veterans!

The Fleet Reserve Association’s (FRA) mission is to ensure all veterans are cared for by a grateful nation and we’re working to: 

Monitor Implementation of VA Choice Card Program- Monitor implementation of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (VACAA) and support improvements to ensure veterans have timely access to medical care.  

No VA Claim Pending over 125 days- Congress should to pass legislation that requires VA be held accountable for achieving the VA Secretary’s stated goal to achieve no claim is pending over 125 days and all claims have an accuracy rate of 98 percent or higher.

Improve Department of Veterans’ Affairs Funding– Support initiatives to help ensure adequate funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), with special attention for VA health care to ensure access and care for all beneficiaries.

Support Blue Water Navy Agent Orange Disability Claims– Seek to reverse the VA’s policy that prevents “blue water” military retirees and veterans from claiming disability benefits for diseases associated with exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Oppose Access Fees– Oppose establishing a tiered enrollment fee structure for veterans in Priority Groups 7 and 8 within the VA Health Care System.

Improve VA Claim Processing– Work to eliminate the backlog of claims at the VA and support reform of the antiquated Veterans’ Benefits Administration (VBA) paper claims system.

– Monitor the Post 9/11 GI Bill program and work to improve other education benefit programs for veterans, and survivors of disabled or deceased veterans, and preserve the military Tuition Assistance (TA) program and oppose shifting significant part of the cost to active duty beneficiaries

Women Veterans Health Care– Work to increase access to gender-specific medical and mental health care to meet unique needs of women service members and women veterans.

POW/MIA Accountability – Ensure that the DoD makes every effort for a complete accounting of all Prisoners Of War and Missing in Action service members for past and current conflicts.


Speak up!

FRA is very interested in communication from our shipmates and their families. There are several ways to share your questions, concerns and perspectives with FRA and your elected officials:

1. Use the Action Center FRA has done the research and has a list of bills important to you. Go to the Action Center and see what is going on – then with a click, you can send a pre-written letter to your elected officials on the topic(s) of your choice! It’s a free, easy and effective.

2. Visit FRA on Facebook through the link and join the conversation. While there, click the “Like” button!

3. Visit FRA website ( to get latest news on the Sea Services by clicking on “News & Publications” and then select “Latest News.”

4. Contact FRA Headquarters directly. Call us at 1-800-FRA-1924 (1-800-372-1924) or e-mail

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